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Your Financial Reckoning Day Is Coming . . .

For those familiar with the title this is not a review of the book by Bill Bonner of the same title (although I highly recommend you read it). This is about a day of financial reckoning for a lifetime of decisions that you have made financially. In other words, the day where you finally realize […]

If You’re Under 40, Don’t Bank on Social Security

The following appeared on April 28th in the online edition of the Wall Street Journal If You’re Under 40, Don’t Bank on Social Security If Plan A in your retirement scheme is Social Security, it’s time to start working on Plan B. Based on reports last week from the folks responsible for the Medicare and […]

Why I Don’t Invest In The Stock Market

This article appeared online at www.johncolanzi.com Why I Don’t Invest In The Stock Market by John Colanzi I’m tired of hearing everyone from the President on down telling me to invest in the stock market. If you want to help build America, invest in your business. This country was built by small business men and […]

Mutual Fund Fees

I have not written at length about the mutual fund scandal as of yet but this press release from 2009 I happened to come across and thought I would offer quick remarks. Having followed mutual funds for many years, I have come to the conclusion that most (not all) are simply a part of the […]

15 Reasons Why Your 401(k) May Be Your Riskiest Investment

15 Reasons Why Your 401(k) May Be Your Riskiest Investment By Garrett Gunderson, Author Killing Sacred Cows Financial institutions are genius marketers. They are able to get millions of Americans to hand over their money with very little thought taken, very little knowledge of the so-called investments offered, and even less control of their investments. […]

America Is ‘Not’ Broke

The following is a transcript and video of a speech Michael Moore gave to workers in Wisconsin…definitely eye opening America is not broke. By Michael Moore – 3.5.2011 Contrary to what those in power would like you to believe so that you’ll give up your pension, cut your wages, and settle for the life your […]

Our Ridiculous Approach to Retirement

By TERESA GHILARDUCCI – New York Times – 7.21.2012 I WORK on retirement policy, so friends often want to talk about their own retirement plans and prospects. While I am happy to have these conversations, my friends usually walk away feeling worse — for good reason. Seventy-five percent of Americans nearing retirement age in 2010 […]

Why You Should Kill Your Spouse

Now that I have your attention, did you know there is actually a benefit to killing your spouse? Now of course I am speaking hypothetically but have you tried it? From a financial planning perspective it is wise to know what would happen to your life (financially) if you or your spouse ever died or […]